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Full Body Clay Wraps

Full Body Clay Wraps: A Luxurious Spa Experience

Traditional clay wraps are one of the most nourishing and relaxing spa treatments ever devised for the maintenance of truly healthy skin. Whether you run your own spa, or are intersted in making your own clay wrap formulas for private use, our desert calcium montmorillonite clay is the perfect choice for the base clay.

Clay wraps are usually done one of two ways:

1. Strips of clean, white cloth are saturated with a super-hydrated clay gel/magma. The body is wrapped from toe to chest. The clay wrap is left on for between 15 and 30 minutes. The clay wrap is then removed and discarded. The individual showers thoroughly in warm to hot water.

2. A light and quick clay massage is given. A thin layer of super-hydrated clay is left on the body, COMPLETELY covering all pores. THen, the body is wrapped with mylar ( or seran wrap ). The wrap remains on for bewteen 15 to 30 minutes, and is removed and discarded. The individual showers thoroughly in warm to hot water.

There are a variety of different formulas used for clay wraps. A sea clay wrap is accomplished by mixing a small amount of virgin oil to hydrated clay, as well as sea salt and sometimes even sea weed. For a completely natural experience, no preservatives are needed, provided that the base hydrated clay is mixed with all natural, fresh ingredients on the same day the clay wraps are to be used.

Therefore, when mixing your own formulas, first, create a large amount of clay hydrated with your most superior clean water source. Our clay, when sealed in a ceramic or glass container, will have an unlimited shelf life. Next, mix your secondary ingredients together. Treat your secondary minerals and herbs as foods. Only mix enough ingredients for a few days use. Then, mix your secondary ingredients with your clay on the day you are using them.

This is the ONLY way to insure the healthiest, freshest, safest, and MOST NATURAL clay wrap experience.

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