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Tecopia Essentia Electrically Isolated Silver (EIS)
Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver has proven and strong antimicrobial and tissue healing properties. We are now very pleased to be able to provide the perfect silver hydrosol to use to hydrate therapeutic clay with.

Our electrically isolated "colloidal" silver is approximately 10PPM, 85% silver ions and 15% silver nanoparticles. We batch process our hydrosol using state of the art silver electrolysis equipment. We then age the colloidal silver to test for stability, break down the larger silver particles using activated oxygen, and then stabilize the hydrosol using sophisticated EM equipment.

Here is a transmission electron microscope image of our EIS **before** processing:

TEM - Electrically Isolated "Colloidal" Silver Prior to Processing

Below is a typical "colloidal" silver made using the common nine volt battery method of production:

TEM - Three Nine's Method of Production

Although the particles in our "freshly brewed" EIS are already extremely small, and there is excellent particle dispersion, we use two further processes to reduce the particle the size and stabilize the silver hydrosol.

Below is an image dipicting a glass of our electrically isolated silver:

Glass of Electrically Isolated Silver (EIS)

Notice that the image depicts what looks like a simple glass of clear water. There is no visible yellow tinge or any visible sign of particulates.

Below is a darkroom image of the exact same glass of silver using a red laser to reveal its tyndal effect:

Tyndall Effect: The nanonparticles in the glass of Electrically Isolated Silver

One thing experienced EIS'ers might notice about our brews: No, or absolutely minimal, "sparklies". "Sparklies" are larger (but still in the colloidal size range) silver particles that refract laser light and "sparkle", ie. shine much more brightly and visibly when subjected to laser light. Sparklies are a common byproduct of the electrolysis process, and are caused by the silver electrodes slowly breaking down during the electrolysis process. They are very hard to avoid producing during the electrolysis process.

These particles are too small to fall out of suspension, but too large to be of any real desirable benefit for one's health. Some manufacturers filter their product to remove them, but we believe that any filtration process adversely effects the properties of the EIS-- even laboratory grade filters. While sparklies (within reason) aren't harmful, and most EIS producers just ignore them, we desired to find a way to make our hydrosol as active, safe, and effective as possible.

Below is an interesting dark room tyndall image using about 1/2 second photographic delay in order to capture the particle "trail", rather than just the refracted laser light caused by the particles. While it looks like something out of the movie the Terminator, what you're viewing is actually the silver in the water, as it moves through the tight projected beam of red laser:

~ 1/2 Second Time Delay Colloidal Silver Tyndall Effect
Reveals the silver nanoparticles as they travel through the projected laser beam

When using a properly made EIS product responsibly, it can be used with a great deal of effectiveness and is perfectly safe. Avoid using any silver product if allergic to silver.


Should EIS be stored in a glass, light-shielded container?

Although we ship and store our silver in glass light shielded containers, with a stabilized hydrosol, there is really no absolute need to do so.

Can this product be used internally as a supplement?

Yes, it is sold as an internal use supplement. In order to keep the daily allowance of silver at or below the EPA's recommended maximum daily and lifetime exposure, no more than three ounces of our EIS should be consumed on a daily basis.

Can this product be used in a nebulizer?

Yes, we recommend that interested researchers use an ultrasonic nebulizer.

Should I use this product to hydrate my healing clay with?

Yes, although we recommend only hydrating clay with 50% isolated silver! Why? Properly made silver hydrosols are made with extremely clean distilled water. At 10 parts per million, that leaves the water still nearly in a distilled state. Distilled water can be very drying when used on-skin. We therefore recommend diluting the silver water by 50%, bringing the total concentration of silver down to about 5 PPM, by mixing it with our oxygenated water product, or by using the best spring water/mineral water/healing water one has access to. This will provide an end balanced colloid that works excellently for all clay therapeutic applications.

Electrically Isolated Silver (EIS) - 16 Fluid Ounces
Oxygenated & Stabilized Colloidal Silver Hydrosol
EIS - Colloidal Silver Hydrosol
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Electrically isolated colloidal silver

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EIS - Colloidal Silver 16 Ounces
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