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Raw French Green Clay: Illite Granules
The original therapeutic healing clay from France

Hydrated Green Illite Magma
Sitting on top of a Geode (Geode not included)

We are pleased to be able to offer France's finest therapeutic green healing clay. French green clays were first made famous in North America by renown naturopath Raymond Dextreit when his landmark book "Our Earth Our Cure" was translated into English. By far our favorite french clay, this amazing clay mineral has been used (as one of two clays) by the "Buruli Busters" to treat buruli ulcerations in Africa. The use of this clay was part of Thierry Brunet's landmark presentation on the use of therapeutic clays to treat buruli ulcers, presented in 2002 to the World Health Organization in Geneva.

This clay is quite different from the smectite clays and zeolite that we offer, and makes a great addition to one's arsenal of "earth cures". Illite is an extremely weathered clay, and is classified as a mica. This clay can be used on its own, or mixed with other clays for great skin care formulas, or for internal supplementation. It mixes readily with equal parts water and clay. When used in drinking water, it has a clean, earthy taste.

We recommend the use of Illite for skin treatments, cosmetics, and supplements.

For more information on how healing clays have traditionally been used in France, please read the book, "Upon a Clay Tablet". Book II, Volume I contains a section outlining how Raymond Dextreit used therapeutic clays.

The other famous french green clay is French montmorillonite. We believe our bulk green desert clay is superior to its French counterpart; it is also much more affordable.


Green French Illite Clay - Raw

Illite Magma
On top of a bed of raw illite granules

6 lbs. of French Illite
Clay Granules - TC

One single gallon container of powdered edible clay for use as an internal supplement

Price: $80.00
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The one gallon container is currently the only size we stock.


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