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USP Grade Sodium Bentonite Clay Powder
Ultrafine Water Washed Clay

Hydrated Sodium Bentonite Colloid
Glass of Hydrated Sodium Bentonite - "Supercolloid" Suspension

Our water washed, ultrafine USP grade sodium bentonite powder is a perfect detoxifcation and colon cleansing clay. With an average particle size between 40 -74 microns in diameter, this is one--if not THE-- best single clay product for use as a supplement for those interested in safely and effectively cleansing the digestive tract.

This ultrapure clay is dried, milled and processed using the single known method for clay purification which doesn't involve chemically processing clay or other harsh methods that may change the actual particle characterists of the clay: water washing.

This clay is also ideal for those who don't like the strong taste of the other natural healing clays. This pharmaceutical grade clay has no taste. To use this clay for colon cleansing, mix only one teaspoonful in an eight ounce glass of water. Use only as directed.


USP Grade Ultrafine, Ultrapure Sodium Bentonite
For Detox Protocols
USP Grade Sodium Bentonite Clay

5 lbs. of USP Grade
Sodium Bentonite - TC

One single gallon container of powdered edible clay for use as an internal supplement

Price: $60.00
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The one gallon container is currently the only size we stock.


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We Specialize in wholesale and bulk sales of the finest quality therapeutic, homeostatic therapeutic calcium bentonite / montmorillonite in the United States.

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